Video marketing harnesses the moving image to promote the brand image of companies and to improve brand communication with customers. Movies produced for the purpose of corporate branding are awarded at three major international advertising festivals (Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, The One Show), as well as at prominent advertising festivals such as Adfest and New York ADC. The awards and recognition received at these events provide significant support for corporate branding. Considering the value of the video advertising market rose to 160% of that in 2014 in 2015, we expect the market to continue to grow and expand to be 4times the size of the current market by 2020. Looking to dramatically extend the reach of video content in 2016, SSFF & ASIA has launched a new “Branded Shorts” category focusing on thsi emerging genre. We will screen topical branded movies from both Japan and overseas, and host avideo marketing conference as well as other related events.


There isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t watch a video at some point in the day, and the portals these videos are available on are literally overflowing. Available across a plethora of platforms, branded movies are large part of this; they are viewable online via computers, smart phones, tablets and various other devices, as well as available on digital signage throughout urban areas. This year these branded films will be judged by SSFF & ASIA and evaluated according to 4 criteria: Idea, Storytelling, Cinematic, Emotional Appeal.