DestinationDirector:Shiro Tokiwa
CAST:Keita Machida / Hyunri / Yanagi Elisa / Kanji Furutachii / 20min.

There were man and women who were supposed to think each other from a place far away. On a winter day, they got on the train to meet. On the journey, he unexpectedly received a E-mail from her, and she was lost all the time. In the E-mail, "I want to talk to you...". What is the meaning included in that email ...? Appearance never encounters forever. A story of a painful and transient love that inquires of the depths of men and women spelled out by monologues of people.

Music : HANABI
Artist : J Soul Brothers III

Sandaime J Soul Brothers
J Soul Brothers III : Profile
J Soul Brothers III is a dance and vocal group, encompassing the spirit of EXILE.NAOTO, one of the EXILE members, and Naoki Kobayashi serve as the group leaders. ELLY, Kenjiro Yamashita, Takanori Iwata, Naoki Kobayashi, and NAOTO are the performers of JSB. Ryuji Imaichi and Hiroomi Tosaka sing for JSB and won “VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION2" ~Inspiring the next generation of stars~, which was presented by EXILE in 2010.

Director : Shiro Tokiwa

Director: Shiro Tokiwa

When I imagine myself looking up at the fireworks, I often imagine someone standing next to me. Even when I listen to this song, I feel like that. At the same time, I wanted to see men and women romantic from the front. Thus The born story did not imagine even the characters themselves the characters "the place of the end" It was decided to head to.
By the way, I can not say anything after finishing watching fireworks Loneliness is somewhat similar to movie making ... on the day of crank up, I think suddenly It was.

Shiro Tokiwa Film Director/Screenplay Writer

Shiro Tokiwa was born in Fukuoka. He has been working as a freelance director for movie, commercial, animation and also designer for CD jacket and character such as a Japanese singer, Yosui Inoue’s album. His short film “Crayfish” directed in 2010 won a Best short award and an Audience award at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010. “The Eclipse’s Shadow” directed in 2011 was nominated in the international competition section at the Drama International Short Film Festival in Greece. He is active in various fields, directed the music video “Winding Road” for Elephant Kashimashi, an international commercial for TOYOTA “Dream Car –Letters to the future-” and a promotion video for the X-Box game “GEARS OF WAR”.

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Keita Machida (GEKIDAN EXILE)
Keita Machida (GEKIDAN EXILE)
July 4, 1990 Born in Gunma prefecture.In 2010 he passed the "3rd Theater Company EXILE Audition" and debuted as an actor in the same year "Bastard BLUES" the same year. Morning succession TV novel "Hanako and Ann" (14) Mr. Ikuya Muraoka perform well and are known to the nationwide district. After that, she appeared in drama "Beauty and Men" (15), "Sumikasmile 45 years old young woman" (16), movie "Theater spirit" (15). Currently, he is appearing in CX drama "People look 100%".


Born in Tokyo on December 18, 1986. Studied acting in South Korea while studying at Aoyama Gakuin University. Debut at the entertainment industry in Japan is late as 24 years old, but with its acting skill, such as winning the 29th Takasaki Film Festival · Best New Actress Award at the leading movie "Watching the voice of the water" in 2015 The place of activity is spreading. On the other hand, she is acting as a borderless actress to appear in works of America, Europe and Korea.

Yanagi Elisa

Yanagi Elisa

Born in 1990, she is from Kanagawa prefecture. She played active in CM, drama, magazines etc from early childhood. In 2000, she made her first appearance at "Blonde Prairie" taken by Inudo Isshin. As other major casts, Directed by Atsuhiro Yamashita "Tennen Koke Kokko" ('07), Directed by Nakano Shota 'To Take a ChiChi" ('13), Masataka Tominaga "Rolling" ('15), hulu original serial drama “compensation” (16) and others.

Kanji Furutachi

Kanji Furutachi

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1968. While continuing activities based on the stage, He appeared in numerous movies and dramas as a name player. In 2016 he directed the stage "His high object". Major performances include "Woodpecker and Rain" (2011), "My Back Page" (2011), "Dream Selling Futari" (2012), "Lover's Love" (2016) "TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Dying young (2016), " Stand on the edge "(2016) and others.