Sense of SentimentDirector:A.T.
CAST: AKIRA / Kika Kobayashi / Ayame Misaki / Ren Komai / 15min.

Parallel World
"Kimochirabo, there is a clinic to release people's emotions.Myister of genius blender manipulating extract. Shun, who serves as his assistant, fell in love with the expressionless beauty girl Rin who visited one day at first sight. Under Meister 's guide, somehow it is trying to draw out her smile despite struggling, Shun knew the secret of Rin ......

Music : Shirayukihime
Artist : Flower

Flower : Profile
Flower is a dance and vocal unit composed of six people. In 2011, members elected from the audition "EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~ For Girls ~" which was subscribed by about 30,000 people are joined. And started in earnest. Currently underway as a girls · entertainment project "E-girls" which develops full-scale dance performance, which inherits DNA of EXILE now.

Director : A.T.

Director: A.T.


The heroine drawn with the song "Snow White" is not beautifull. It is not a glittering world. To wait for the time to endure to make big wheat bloom in freezing cold. New appearance.
"Bud" → "blooming" is replaced with a detonation of emotion, modern people make it weak. I wanted to draw the basis of communication of face to face.What is the moment when people feel happiest the most, what is an act ...The answer lies in this film.


A. T (Asai Takeshi) Born in 1970. After working for a CM production company, he became independent freelance in 1999. Received trust from its unique world view and precise composition / editing, he has a lot of MVs, TV-CM · various contents also handled. And in 2016, the first feature film release. In addition, the short film he produced has won numerous awards both at home and abroad, and its skill is highly appreciated even outside of Japan.




As a core member of EXILE, he has worked in various fields other than EXILE performers. Such as movies, drama, stage, voice actors. In the movie 'tell it properly' (09), he won the Japan Film Critic Awards Newcomer Award. In addition, he appeared in Hollywood's entry work "Silence"(17), refraining from" Tatara Samurai "(17). In addition, he became the first Asian "Ralph Lauren Ambassador". He has expanded the place of active activity in the world.

Kika Kobayashi
Kika Kobayashi
Born in Aichi prefecture in 2003. "Uroboros ~ This love is justice." Actor debut with TBS. Soon after, he decorated the silver screens debut with the movie 'Grasshopper' (15), recognized a wide range of acting power, and appeared in numerous dramas and films since then. "Tears at 37.5 ° C" (TBS), "44-year-old cheerleader" (TBS), "Love you" (NHK) , "A LIFE ~ Itoshiki hito" (TBS) , movie "Aozora Yale" (16 ), "Koisaika Miyamoto" (17) and many others. Also, "Remembrance" will be released in 2017.
Ren Komai

Ren Komai

Born in Aomori Prefecture in 2000. Acting as an exclusive model of" Nicolas "from 2015, we gain tremendous support from the teens. After having appeared in numerous CMs due to its transparency feeling, She later debuted as an actor with "Sailor suit and machine gun" (16). In "Drama Chief of Career - Code of Crime" (CX), he has drama regular appearances and in 2017, directed by Yoon Suk-ho, director of "Winter Sonata" "Name" will be on standby for release.

Misaki Ayame

Ayame Misaki

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1989. She plays the leading role in the 2006 stage "Nirubauna" (Nozoe Seijin works / director). Since then he has been active in various genres such as drama, theater, movies. (11) "Jude" (13) "Giant of Advance" (15) "Major Sentai Go-Busters" (EX) movie "Shonen Meriken Sack" (08) "Parade" (10) "Avec Punch" And so many. In addition to "ReLIFE" (17) in the preliminary release work, he plays the heroine in director Kawase Naomi "light" (17).