SnowmanDirector:Kentaro Hagiwara
CAST:Mitsuko Baisho / Nobuyuki Suzuki/ Mina Fujii / Kunio Murai / 16min.

Parallel World
A near future not far from now. A couple who are tied with deep love with , Roku and Miyuki. Miyuki decide to freeze Roku had an incurable disease and wait for the development of a new medicine. Believe in the words of the doctor.He said that after 10 years he will develop a remedy. But, when Roku wake up, there was an old Miyuki figure. A wife who has been waiting for 50 years and her husband who has kept his wife waiting for 50 years. SF love story depicting the trajectory of their long love affair.

Music : Mr.Snowman
Artist : E-girls

Sandaime J Soul Brothers
E-girls : Profile
E-girls is a girls entertainment project that develops full-scale dance performance that inherits EXILE's DNA. A group that challenges the glow of the new possibilities unique to girls.

Director : Kentaro Hagiwara

Director: Naomi Kawase

I think that the lyrics of the song are lovely, but it seemed like a story of another world that is far from my own.Reality is not accompanied in me. The real world is more painful and full of pain.Then, by drawing the back of the lyrics, does not Snowman increase shine more? People shine because of suffering. Because of the pain, storys begin. And Snowman is done.

Born in 1980, he is from Tokyo. In 2007, he returned Japan after graduatin from the film department of Art Center College of Design (Los Angeles). He participated in THE DIRECTORS FARM, and as director, he is responsible for directing numerous TV commercials, MVs and short films. Became a member of THE DIRECTORS GUILD in 2012, and receive the first Sundance movie screenplay "Spectacled Tiger" in 2013. It was the first time Japanese to receive the Sundance NHK Award, which is sent to the excellent script at the US Sundance Film Festival. In the summer of 2017, his first feature film "Tokyo Ghoul" was released.


倍賞 美津子
Mitsuko Baisho
In 1967, she made her debut in "Junjo Duet". Shi has appeared in numerous works by Imamura Shohei, Akira Kurosawa so far and has won numerous film awards for its certain performance. A masterpiece movie "The revenge is to me" (79), "Shadow Warrior" (80), "Narayama comment" (83), "Ikiteru uchiga hana nanoyo shin-dara sore madeyo to sengen" (85) , "Koibumi" (85), "Dream" (90), "Eel"(97), "Gururi no Koto" (08), "Single postcard" (11), "Ayashii Kanojo" (16) and so on.

Nobuyuki Suzuki (GEKIDAN EXILE)

Born in1992, from Kanagawa prefecture. In 2010 "3rd GEKIDAN EXILE Audition" passed, to GEKIDAN EXILE members. Film's first appearance in "Kirishima, bukatsu yamerutteyo " (12). Since then, he is active mainly in drama, movies.There are drama 'Roosevelt Game' (14), 'Hanamoyu' (15), the movie 'Wolf girl and black prince' (16) for the main appearing work. Currently it is appearing in TBS drama "Anatano kotowa Sorehodo". In July, the movie "Tokyo Ghoul" will be released.

Mina Fujii

Debuted on the 2006 "Simsons" movie. From 2012 She has been active in and out of Japan and Korea and has been active in overseas such as appearing in South Korea's variety show "The World We Made Married in the World Edition" Movie "More Sicky Girls". The masterpiece includes the movie 'Samurai's Housekeeping Book' (10), 'Human Wolf Game' (13), 'MONSTERZ' (14), 'Girls' (14), 'Death Note Light up the NEW world' (16) "Shabon jade" (17) and so on. There is a Japanese-Taiwan cooperation "hospitality (temporary)" in the public waiting work.

Kunio Murai

Guraduated from the actor training school. TV · movies etc, variously active. In the stage, the genre is wide from straight play to musical, and the major performances in recent years include "Hamlet" (John Cared directed production), "August: Osage County" (Keralino Sandrovich) etc. TBS "Reverse" on TV, NTV "Wild Heroes" etc. In the movie 'Beauty and the Beast' Premium Dubbed Version, it is also acting as a voice actor. The 32nd Kikuta Kazuo Theater Award, 47th Cultural Agency Art Festival Award, 19th Yomiuri Theater Grand Prize Excellence Actor Award.