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About the acting methods presented in the awards workshop video—
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Other Awards Winners List


Hikari TV AwardAward Winner A.T.


A girl encounters an android on the street. She finds something strange about the experience and decides to follow the android to give it a “message.”

Film Details >>

Brillia New luxury AwardAward Winner Vlamyr Vizcaya

Will and Charity
Vlamyr Vizcaya / Colombia / 8:25 / Drama / 2015

Synopsis:Everyday, a humble man in a metropolis writes down a list of requests from his neighbors. His day job is his way to help the community. He’s in love with the teacher. One day the teacher walks to his front door, and the two of them experience the best surprise ever.

作品詳細はこちら >>

Brillia New luxury AwardAward Winner Yo Kohatsu

Another Tea?
Yo Kohatsu / Japan / 8:25 / Comedy / 2009

A grandmother with burns on her hands teaches her novice granddaughter the tea ceremony. How hospitable can they be to the foreign VIPs? Directed by Yo Kohatsu, who made his directorial debut with photographer R. Kirishima in “Raise the Castle!,” which received critical acclaim.

FutureCity Yokohama AwardWinner Entre Les Lignes

Entre Les Lignes
Emmanuelle Remy, Christelle Alion, Tom Casacoli, Nolwenn Eve, Lorenn le Bec/France/5:19/Animation/2015

A romance blossoms between two strangers during their morning commute.

Program Details >>

Visual Tourism Award (Commissioner’s Award, Japan Tourism Agency)Award Winner The Gift of Memory

The Gift of Memory
Isao Yukisada|Kumamoto Prefecture |40:00|Drama|2016

When a film director visits Kumamoto for location scouting, he encounters a young woman in this story about travelling.

Visual Tourism Award Special Mention Award

Miyazaki, Kobayashi City “Ndamoshitan Kobayashi”
Oita “SHINFURO— Synchronized Swimming in Hot Springs”

Audience Award International CompetitionAward Winner Sing

Kristof Deak /Hungary/24:58/Drama/2015

Quiet 10-year-old Zsofi has just changed schools. Feeling out of place at first, she is quickly admitted to the school’s famous choir and befriends her popular classmate Liza. Soon, they have to stand up united against their choir master, who isn’t quite the friendly and inspirational teacher they first thought she was.

FIim Details >>

Deák Kristóf Winner’s Comment

I made this film to explore the question: is it better to fit into an unjust system or to stand up against injustice and risk destroying a community?
I am really touched by the fantastic response from audiences in Tokyo – I never hoped that my film can resonate so far from home.
I heard some stories from audience members relating to their own childhood difficulties and I was really happy to see that the broader sociological aspect of the film was also recognized by many. I’m really glad we could hit the hearts and minds of audiences in Japan.

Audience Award Asia International CompetitionAward Winner Anaer

KunRu Song/China/21:17/Drama/2015

Anaer, a Xinjiang girl living in Beijing, goes back to her hometown to be a bridesmaid in her cousin’s wedding, but an uninvited guest brings crisis to her Muslim family. Will she choose to leave or stay?

Film Details >>

KunRu Song Winner’s Comment

Unlike conventional love movies, Anaer does not show the love between the protagonists to the audience directly, but through the contradiction between family members’ reactions, to show the difficult situation Anaer’s love is in.

Audience Award Japan CompetitionAward Winner EVERYTIME WE SAY GOODBYE

kenji qurata/Japan/16:10/Drama/2014

When a childless wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she and her husband embark on a journey to find Tsuchinoko, a legendary Japanese snake. As the seasons pass by, the loving couple cherish their precious moments with a lot of laughter.

Film Details >>

kenji qurata Winner’s Comment

I’d like to express my gratitude for receiving the honorable Audience Award. In my film, I tried to find what lies ahead of “life and death” through the perspective of a married couple. In Japan, it is part of the culture to grieve deeply after you experience someone’s death and as soon as possible, leave the memories behind and move on. Meanwhile in other countries, people believe in continuing the legacy of the deceased. I’ve been drawn to this idea for a while. With illness and all kinds of reasons, we part forever with others. The pain is always hard to heal. The theme of the film is heavy, but I tried to tell this story with a sense of warmth and humor so that it could help us step into the future that lies beyond goodbyes.

Best Actor International CompetitionAward Winner William Aguirre

Breakfast with Tiffany
Andrés Molano Moncada/Colombia/14:20/Comedy/2015

Rafael makes a romantic breakfast. It’s not easy…

Film Details >>

William Aguirre Winner’s Comment

It is an honor and a big surprise that I could achieved the prize of the Best Actor in the International Category. I still cannot believe it. Even many friends think it’s a joke because in Colombia I work as comedy actor, specifically Stand-up Comedy. I know the competition was very tight because there were great actors as Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt. But my character, Rafael, in the story of “Breakfast with Tiffany” was a tremendously human being and had a huge heart. Thanks to the director of the film, Andres Molano Moncada, we could built a character that would connect with the audience and especially with the jury that gave us this award not only for me but for my country, COLOMBIA. This is my first international award and I am surprised that I could obtained in a country with such a very strict acting tradition as Japan is.
Thanks to the jury and the organizers of Short Shorts because our country had a fantastic showcase for our creativity and Colombian professionalism.
I hope to see you soon into another film.
William Aguirre.

Best Actor Asia International CompetitionAward Winner Hae-seong JEONG

I saw it
Hae-seong Jeong/South Korea/21:41/Thriller/2016

Hae-seong discovers a young girl crying alone in an alley. He approaches the girl in an effort to help her, but while doing do so, the girl’s mother appears and claims that he did something bad to the girl.

Film Details >>

Hae-seong JEONG Winner’s Comment

I was very surprised to hear the news! I’m not a professional actor.
Nevertheless, thank you for giving me this award. In the future, if I have an opportunity to act again, I will work even harder.
Thank you again. I wish the continuous development and success of the SSFF.

Best Actor Japan CompetitionAward Winner Mitsuo Sagawa

Takano Yuri/Japan/19:43/Drama/2015

Sento artist, Sugawara Fujio, is forced to give up his family business while he struggles through the loss of his wife. In the tired life of this lonely man, an unexpected occurence brings up an extraordinary change.

Film Details >>

Mitsuo Sagawa Winner’s Comment

While performing Fujio Sugawara’s character, the painter for Japanese public baths, I only said these three lines: “Damn it, you stupid brats!” “Why do I have to worship my own painting?” “The paint odor in that bathroom is going to make me sick… We’re going to miss this place.” I’m not even sure if I’m deserving enough to accept this award.
Either way, it is all thanks to our young crew including the director, who allowed me to receive this honor to win the Best Actor Award. Thank you very much.

Best Actress International CompetitionAward Winner Charlotte Beaumont

Toby Fell-Holden/UK/17:0/Drama/2015

Tina, a local, is attracted to Dana, an Afghani. According to Tina, Dana is not treated well by her substance abusing father. Initially, we trust Tina and even admire her protectiveness of Dana, but as we watch their friendship blossom, we come to suspect that something is off.

Film Details >>

Charlotte Beaumont Winner’s Comment

‘Thank you so so much for this best actress award. This is such a prestigious festival and I am so grateful for this recognition from you! This wouldn’t have been possible without the genius that is Toby Fell-Holden who created the concept, the script and made this project so enjoyable. I think it is a really topical and important film, especially now, and I am so grateful it is getting the recognition that it has.
Thank you so much!

Best Actress Asia International Competition Award Winner Jarunun Phantachat

Phuttiphong Aroonpheng/Thailand/24:30/Drama/2015

A stateless woman crosses the river between Thailand and Myanmar with her 5-year-old son to find a job in the city. On their journey, they meet a mysterious mascot of a monkey who takes them to an unexpected destination with a colorful Ferris wheel.

Film Details >>

Jarunun Phantachat Winner’s Comment

I would like to thank the festival’s committee for giving me this award. It’s such an honor. I would also like to express my gratitude to the director of the film, my co-actors, and the whole crew of ‘Ferris Wheel’.
For me ‘Ferris Wheel’ is an example story of people who want to obtain a better life when their own home is no longer safe. I wish all these stories were non-fiction and the world was safe and beautiful for everyone. But since that’s not yet true, this kind of story should still be told.

Best Actress Japan Competition Award Winner Chikako Tanaka,Takako Nakamura,Kyoko Takahashi

Yuji Mitsuhashi/Japan/24:50/Drama/2015

English teacher Chieko, mother-of-one Mikako, and new novelist Shoko; a group of three women who tell lies. What would they find in the end?

Film Details >>

Chikako Tanaka, Takako Nakamura, Kyoko Takahashi Winner’s Comment

I’m “CHI” from CHI-TA-KYO, Chikako Tanaka. I’m truly happy!
I’m “TA” from CHI-TA-KYO, Takako Nakamura. I deeply appreciate you all!
I’m “KYO” from CHI-TA-KYO, Kyoko Takahashi. I hope everyone will stay tuned for more works from Director Yuji Mitsuhashi and CHI-TA-KYO!
We really really wish to see you again onscreen!

Fashion Short of the YearAward Winner Comfort

Grant Curatola & Louis Levy / 4:47 / A.P.C. / 2015

作品詳細はこちら >>

A.P.C. Winner’s Comment

Huge thank you to Louis Wong for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to write and direct his movies each year.  Louis Levy

Book shorts awardWinner Ao Oomae

“Yuki no ijō-na taishitsu/ mata wa boku wa dore hodo o-kane ga hoshi ka”

Details are here >>
*Japanese only

Spotlight AwardWinner SEED

Naomi Kawase/Japan/9:12/2016

Sakura Ando Winner’s Comment

Special Mention AwardAward Winner THE AUDITION

Starring Ledonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt, directed by Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese/USA/16:14/Comedy/2015

Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Deniro are called out to Macau for an audition for Scorsese’s new film. Little do they know, they are reading for the same part.

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