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SABON Gift Short Film Projec Web site was opened.

Project Outline

As part of SABON Gift Short Film Project, we have collected lots of gift episodes on our website and at all SABON stores across Japan.
Of these SABON gift episodes, a positive episode showing love was chosen: the warmth of parents celebrating their child's half birthday, the strength of a mother raising her children, and the determination and kindness of a girl running and never looking back despite her troubles, with the courage to not run away.
Using this episode as an outline when creating the short film, its essence was captured using the image of a girl running forward and never looking back.

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Press conference in 2015

SABON, creator of popular bath products and body care items that incorporate minerals from Israel’s Dead Sea, and the international film brand ShortShorts have come together to announce the “SABON Gift Short Film Project.” For this project, we will be gathering scenarios written by SABON gift givers and gift recipients with the goal of selecting one special story to turn into a short film.

SABON Gift Short Film Project 2015 Outline

Event title : "SABON Gift Short Film Project"
Press conference Date:Oct 20th, 2015 (Tue)
Venue : Aoyama St.Grace Cathedral lexington
(Adress : 3-9-14 Kitaaoyama Minato Tokyo)