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SSFF & ASIA 2016 Special Screening was held at Multimedia University(MMU) in Educity,Malaysia.


An SSFF & ASIA 2016 Special Screening  was held at MultimediaUniversity(MMU) in Educity, Malaysia last Friday.It was the first time to hold an SSFF & ASIA screening in Johor Bahru, the secondbiggest city in Malaysia which is home to Pinewood Malaysia Studio and MMU Faculty of Cinema Arts.


We are excited to expand to other areas in Malaysia and where the filmindustry is very active.

6 international short films including the Oscar winning “Sing” werescreened at the event.
Because of “Sing,” which had won the Oscar for Best Live short Actim the annual Academy Awards four days earlier, many people came to seethe short films. Almost all 200 seats of the house were full. According to the organizer, about 80% of the audience were students of MMU, while therest were the professors/instructors of cinema from other universities.

In addition to the screening, the script analyst and the producer of SSFF& ASIA in Malaysia,
Yasuhiko Tanaka, taught a seminar on script writing.

The one-day festival was a big success, and hopefully we hope to come back to Johor Bahru next year!


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