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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia : 4th day !

4th day at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA )2016 at Osaka!

The seconde half of SSFF & ASIA 2016 at Osaka has begun and been really crowded with audience even early morning!

At first the winner of 5th Visual Tourism Award : The Gift of Memory from Kumamoto prefecture was projected as one of Focus on Japan movies. Inviting Gengoro Fujimura known of which the director of “How do you like Wednesday ? “, their talk show excited  the crowd.


At the projection of Award Winning Program (B) , there were the crew members and cast of Painter winning Best Actor Japan Competition made an appearance : Yuri Takano ( dierctor ), Mitsuo Sagawa ( award winner actor ), Yuto Yokoyama (producer) were on the stage of after talk show.

Mitsuo Sagawa, the main actor made public that he had had a high fever at the shooting day. Then, even his state at the shooting, he talked modestly that it was really honor to receive this award and defined : it was indeed helpful to receive the award that there were only 4 lines dialogue for me! It made crowd roared with laughter.

To the question that what is the attractive point of short films, and answered,

It describe very much the characteristic of each country. The difference among them is greatly interesting. And it is formidable that we could realized that atmosphere with, said Mitsuo Sagawa.

The director and the producer concluded this with an opinion from production side.

It is actually not easy to explain in short length. Thus, it depend extremely on the way to explain the ideas and the thoughts. We rediscovered how it is important and felt that it is worth doing as creator.




“Can I get this one ? Joking ?” said Mitsuo Sagawa with satisfying smile !





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Sorry, this content is only in Japanese.