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ショートショート フィルムフェスティバル & アジア2016 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 米国アカデミー賞公認、アジア最大級の国際短編映画祭


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“Master class by Naomi Kawase
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About the acting methods presented in the awards workshop video—
About the acting methods presented in the awards workshop video—
Takumi Saitoh on the Future of Short Films
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Creative Seminar on Drones ~Drones and the Future of the Creative Media Landscape~
Visual Tourism Award Event
Screening and Award presentation of ‘FutureCity Yokohama Award Award’ nominated films
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Screening and Award Presentation of ‘Ibaraki’ Short Film Award
SSFF & ASIA 2016 Closing Ceremony


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Save the Earth! Competition


概要 / インターナショナル部門OverView / Save the Earth! Competition

“STOP! Global Warming Competition,” established with the “Challenge 25 Campaign,” was re-born as the “Save the Earth! Competition” in 2013. This year, we have selected 8films out of the 120submitted shorts from around the globe. The J-WAVE Award endorsed by J-WAVE, Tokyo’s #1 FM radio station, will be awarded to a “Save the Earth! Competition” winner by J-WAVE listeners.

アワード Award

Save the Earth! Competition Best Short Award (Minister’s Award, the Ministry of Environment)・・・An award selected by the jury, given to the best film in the Save the Earth! Competition.
Save the Earth! Competition J-WAVE Award・・・J-WAVE listeners will choose the award winner from the Save the Earth! Competition.

Save the Earth! Competition Best Short Award (Minister’s Award, the Ministry of Environment)
J-WAVE Award
Winner:Helene Moltke-Leth

Helene Moltke-Leth Winner’s Comment

I was extremely touched and honoured when I received both the Best Short Award and the J-Ware Award. It has been such a struggle to make this film. I am a single mother to a little boy and I downsize my life substantially to make this film. Nobody wanted to fund my film. Even though I think my film have a very important message to the world. My film is spot on about, that we in the rich part of the world, are so stress out that we don’t have time for being good loving people anymore and we are basically consuming our planet to dearth. In the poor part of the world they are starving or living under despicable conditions, so nobody is happy. Mankind have to remember that we are nature too and we cannot survived if we keep on raping nature in our constant starve after money.

Running Through Life

Helene Moltke-Leth/Denmark/8:15/Experimental/2015

An art film about stress.

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審査員 / オフィシャルコンペティション 審査員 Jurors / Save the Earth! Competition Jurors

The Committee has selected jurors from diverse industry backgrounds with unique points of view. Jurors will award The Best Short Award from Save the Earth! Competition


Agnes Chan – Singer, Essayist, Professor [Ph.D]

Chan was born in Hong Kong. She made her debut in Japan in 1972 with the hit song “Hinageshi no Hana”, which brought her teen pop idol status. In 1984, deemed the International Year of the Youth, she received the IYY award for an essay written about world peace. Then, in 1998, she was appointed to be the first ambassador for the committee of UNICEF Japan, and went on missions to Thailand, Sudan, East Timor, the Philippines, Iraq and the Republic of Moldova. In 2008 she held peace concerts in 112 locations throughout Japan, and was awarded the “Special Award” by the 50th Record Grand Prix of Japan. Chan is not just a singer, but an author, a professor and a charity organizer as well. She is truly a multi-faceted woman of the 21st century.

審査員 写真提供:近代映画社

Tsurutaro Kataoka – Actor, Painter

After graduating from high school, Kataoka began an apprenticeship with Tsuruhachi Kataoka. Thanks to his appearances on variety television programs, Kataoka became a popular household name. As an actor he was awarded Best Supporting Actor at the Japanese Academy Awards. He held his first exhibition as a painter, “Kanreki kurenai”, in 1995. Since then he has had many exhibitions both in Japan and overseas, and as of 2014 has toured his solo exhibition “Kanreki kurenai” throughout Japan. In March 2015 he received the 10th Teshima Yukei award, and in July received the Sankei Kokusai Shoten Achievement Award at the 32nd Sankei Kokusai Shoten exhibition. As of April 2016, Kataoka has collaborated with writer and broadcaster Kundo Koyama to create 11 advertisements displayed throughout Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 1. Through the play of color, his works attract large audiences.


Kiki Sugino – Actress, Film director, Producer

Hiroshima-native Kiki Sugino made her debut as an actress while studying abroad in Korea as a student of Keio University. Today, she is widely recognized for her work as an actress and producer of films including “Hospitality” (Fukuda Koji, 2010), “Odayaka” (Uchida Nobeteru, 2012), “Au revoir l’ete” (Koji Fukuda, 2013). Her works have been featured in retrospectives at the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) and the Taipei Film Festival. In addition, she has been invited to numerous prestigious festivals like Rotterdam to serve as a jury member. She made her directorial debut in 2014 with “Manga, Meat, and Me,” which premiered at TIFF, and her second directorial piece “Instinctual Drive” made its world premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival. Here and at the Osaka Cinema Festival, she won awards for Best New Director. She is starring in and directing her latest film “Snow Woman.

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