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About the acting methods presented in the awards workshop video—
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Official Competition


概要 / インターナショナル部門Overview / International Competition

This year’s International Competition attracted 4314 submissions, with 35 of these short films, from 19 different countries and regions, selected to screen. An abundance of genres and approaches characterize the competition each year, but this year it is films with emotional impact that are short in length that contribute in particular to the rich lineup.

概要 / アジアインターナショナル部門&ジャパン部門Overview / Asia International & Japan Competition

Asia International Competition

For the Asia International Competition 807submissions were gathered from countries throughout Asia (Japan excluded). From these, 19films from 11 different countries and regions have been selected.

Japan Competition

For the Japan Competition, 22 films out of the 334 submissions received have been chosen. The production quality of Japanese shorts has been drastically improving each year, and this year’s lineup highlights the power of deep human dramas.

アワード Awards

Grand Prix
INTERNATIONAL Competition Best Short Award
ASIA INTERNATIONAL Competition Best Short Award/Governor of Tokyo Award
JAPAN Competition Best Short Award/Governor of Tokyo Award

Grand Prix
International Competition Best Short Award
Award Winner:Kristof Deak


Kristof Deak /Hungary/24:58/Drama/2015

Quiet 10-year-old Zsofi has just changed schools. Feeling out of place at first, she is quickly admitted to the school’s famous choir and befriends her popular classmate Liza. Soon, they have to stand up united against their choir master, who isn’t quite the friendly and inspirational teacher they first thought she was.

Film Details >>

Deák Kristóf Winner’s Comment

I made this film to explore the question: is it better to fit into an unjust system or to stand up against injustice and risk destroying a community?
I am really touched by the fantastic response from audiences in Tokyo – I never hoped that my film can resonate so far from home.
I heard some stories from audience members relating to their own childhood difficulties and I was really happy to see that the broader sociological aspect of the film was also recognized by many. I’m really glad we could hit the hearts and minds of audiences in Japan.

Asia International Competition Best Short Award
Governor of Tokyo Award
Award Winner:Geon Kim

Keep Going

Geon Kim/South Korea/19:47/Sci-Fi/2015

Yeonhee has a broken implanted artificial heart, and Margo is a robot who has Yeonhee’s broken heart connected to his body. The two head toward the boundary to survive in an inseparable destiny…

Film Details >>

Geon Kim Winner’s Comment

KEEP GOING is my graduation film. Since I graduated from school now, I can’t expect any more magnanimity as a student. By the end of my school days when I was preparing KEEP GOING, I was excited but also afraid of the situation I will go through. That is why I came up with the story KEEP GOING, to encourage and reprove myself not to give up. Now, I hope KEEP GOING could be an encouragement to the audience.

Japan Competition Best Short Award
Governor of Tokyo Award
Award Winner:Takeshi Yashiro

Moon of Sleepless Night

Takeshi Yashiro/Japan/25:00/Animation/2015

When the moon gets stuck in a tree and leaves the town in eternal night, a Squirrel of the Moon and a young boy of the forest embark on a journey to help free the moon.

Film Details >>

Takeshi Yashiro Winner’s Comment

“Moon of Sleepless Night” is a stop motion film. The best thing about using stop motion animation is that the characters and the set really “exist” in front of the camera. Though technology has enabled CG to create brilliant images these days, it is still worthwhile using stop motion pictures because the audience can feel everything being there and sense the texture of the materials. In this sense, stop motion films are developed from art design. While sculptors interpret the world by capturing single moments of objects, I like to animate figures to show my interpretation of the world. I hope you will enjoy the story and I’d be glad if you could spare a few moments to think about the art design in the film.

審査員 / オフィシャルコンペティション 審査員 Jurors / Official Competition Jurors

The Committee has selected jurors from diverse industry backgrounds with unique points of view. Jurors will award four film: The Best Short Award from each Official Competition category and the Grand Prix.


Masaya Kato – Actor

Kato was born in 1963 in Nara Prefecture, Japan.
After appearing as a model in fashion magazines such as “MEN’S NON-NO” and on the catwalk for Paris collections, Kato began working as an actor.
His film debut was “Marilyn ni aitai” (Dir. Junichi Suzuki).
Following this, he appeared in titles such as Takeshi Kitano’s “BROTHER”, Takashi Miike’s “Agitator”, Derek Yee’s “Shinjuku Incident”, Gordon Chan’s “OKINAWA Rendez-vous”, Yun-ho Yang’s “Fighter in the Wind”, and Takashi Miike’s “Crying Freeman”, as well as on television.
Since 2013 he has been a radio personality on FM Yokohama’s “BANG BANG BANG!”. In fall 2016 his latest film “Sanada jū yūshi” (Dir. Yukihiko Tsutsumi) will go on general release.


Hitomi Kuroki – Actress

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Kuroki joined the all-female musical theater Takarazuka Revue in 1981, belonging to the Moon Troupe and appearing in top roles until leaving the company in 1985.
Thereafter she worked as an actress on movies, television dramas and commercials.
She has received many accolades, including Best Female Newcomer Award at the Japanese Academy Awards for her role in “Keshin”, and Best Actress at a later edition of the same awards for her performance in “Lost Paradise”.
In 2000, she was awarded the Best Actress Award by the Japanese Movie Critic Association for her role in “The Frame”.
In addition, she also works as a writer, having penned essays and poetry collections, and translated picture books.
She has received awards such as the Nihon Bungei Taisho Essay Award for her work “Haha no iiwake”.
Currently she writes a column for the evening edition of Asahi newspaper and in recent years has appeared in dramas such as “Scapegoat” and “Iyana onna”, and theater productions such as “GURU ni narimasu”.
The feature movie “Iyana onna” will be released on June 25th, 2016, marking Kuroki’s directorial debut.


Claudette Godfrey – SXSW Short Film Programmer & Operations Manager

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Claudette began her career at SXSW in 2006 as an enthusiastic volunteer.
Currently she is responsible for the curation of the 10 short film programs the festival screens each year, overseeing film submissions to the festival, and managing the organizational big picture for the event.
A University of Texas Film graduate, Claudette previously worked as a Corporate Relations Coordinator at the CineVegas Film Festival and served as a Shorts Programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse’s Fantastic Fest from 2010 to 2012.
Notably, and perhaps most importantly, she does a mean karaoke version of Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotize.’


Shinsuke Sato – Film Director

Born in 1970 in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Sato wrote and directed the 16mm short film “Ryonai Genshuku” which won the grand prix at Pia Film Festival whilst he was a student at Musashino Art University. He went on to make his major debut in 2001 when he directed “LOVE SONG”. Following this he directed titles such as “The Princess Blade” (2001), “Sand Chronicles” (2008), “Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror” (2009), “Gantz” (2010), “Gantz: Perfect Answer” (2011), “Library Wars” (2013) and “Library Wars: The Last Mission” (2015). “I am a hero”, which was released in Japan in May 2016, was awarded the grand prix at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and went on to pick up five other awards, including an Audience Award, from one of the world’s top three fantastic film festivals. It also received the Audience Award at South By Southwest. In Fall 2016 the latest film in the “Death Note” series, directed by Sato, will be released nationwide.


Terry Ito – Producer – Director

Born in 1949 in Tsukiji, Japan. After graduating from university, Ito joined the television production company IVS Television, getting involved in projects such as “Tensai Takeshi no genki ga deru terebi!!”. Following this he went independent and worked on the overall production of the variety television program “Asakusabashi young yohinten”. He has worked across many genres, directing commercials for brands such as Uniqlo and Angfa as well as music videos. In 2010 he directed the film “10 Oku-en Kasegu”. Currently, in addition to working as a director, he is also a commentator on shows including “Sunday Japon” and “Hakunetsu Live Vivid”.

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