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SSFF & ASIA 2016 Award Winning Program-2


Mildred & The Dying Parlor

Starring Steve Buscemi (“Reservoir Dogs”)

Alexander H. Gayner/USA/11:13/Comedy/2015

MILDRED AND THE DYING PARLOR is a quirky yet dark modern fairy tale, in which TUTTI and her husband RICK run a dying parlor out of their home with the help of their ever reluctant daughter MILDRED. We come upon this odd family when an unusual client shows up, and the evening takes an unexpected turn.

監督: Alexander H. Gayner

Alex Gayner is a freelance producer and director in Los Angeles, who comes from a production background as first assistant director. He has collaborated with such people as Taylor Hackford, Paul Haggis, Peter Jackson, Kathryn Bigelow, Guillermo Del Toro, Gareth Edwards and Mary Parent.

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