Screening and Award Presentation of “Kitemiru Kawagoe Short Film Award”

6/4 Sun 13:30-15:20 SPACE O

Let's meet in the treasure pond

Hiroki Inoue/16:56/Japan/Drama/2017

Kawada had started to have feelings for his girlfriend's sister Etsuko. Meanwhile, Etsuko had also started to have feelings for Kawada.
Their feelings for each other remained unrequited but they both kept these feelings for each other hidden deep in their hearts.
A love story in the present that draws on the past centering on memories from the Zeniarai Benten at Kawagoe / Kumano Shrine.

Director : Hiroki Inoue

Hiroki studied under Teruo Ishi who directed the series "Mouso Bangaichi." In 2009, he directed "Panic 4 ROOMs." In2010, he directed "Acorn brothers' a pickled plum" and other short films that were nominated by movie festivals around the world. "Hypnotism class at evening" was nominated for the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2016 in the Japan Competition.

6/4 Sun 13:30-15:20 SPACE O

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