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A Japanese Boy Who Draws
A Japanese Boy Who Draws
Masanao Kawajiri / 12:20:32 AM / Japan / Animation / 2018
An experimental animation/mocumentary depicting the life of a man who dreams to be a comic writer, told alongside the imagery that develops with him.
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2019 Japan Competition Audience Award
Pia Film Festival 2018 (Japan) Second Prize, Gemstone Award
Odawara Film Festival 2018 (Japan)Grand Prix
Shimokitawaza Film Festival 2018 (Japan) Grand Prix
TOKYO tuki1 Film Festival 2018 (Japan) Grand Prix
Nasu Short Film Festival 2018 (Japan) Second Prize, Audience Award
Masanao Kawajiri
Masanao Kawajiri was born in Kagoshima in 1987. During his study at Osaka University of Arts, he was especially inspired by the animator Keiichi Hara, which led him into the world of animation. After working at an animation studio, he founded his own film production company that have worked on multiple projects such as “Summer of Nipponitesu”, “Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3”.
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