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Yusuke Sakakibara / 12:20:46 AM / Japan / Drama / 2018
Kanda, a 68 year old lone connoisseur who has just moved to Yu Island, Kumamoto a year ago, has not been getting along with other people on the island. His life here is just looking at his art collection, but one day he encounters with a girl, Akari, and starts to feel different.
Tateshina Kogen Film Festival OZU 2018 (Japan)Nominated

Eejanaika Toyohashi Cinema Festival 2019 (Japan)
Yusuke Sakakibara
Yusuke Sakakibara started his career as a director at a film production company, and-pictures in 2012. A year later, he directed “Light Along” which was nominated for Short Short Film Festival & Asia 2014. In 2016, he published “BAILE TOKYO” the documentary on J-League FC Tokyo during the season of 2015. His first feature film, “Shiori” was premiered in October, 2018.
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