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Black and Blue
Black and Blue
Hiroki Inoue / 0:23:37 / Japan / Drama / 2017
A man walks out into a parking lot to pick up his abandoned wife when a lady suddenly comes to ask for help. Although he is reluctant in the beginning, he eventually decides to help. A story about a woman with a wounded heart who one night meets a lonely man.
Drama International Short Film Festival 2017 (Greece)
Seoul Agape Film Festival 2017 (South Korea)
Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival 2017 (South Korea)
Hiroki Inoue
Hiroki Inoue’s films “Hypnotism for Love” (2016) and “Let’s meet in the treasure pond”(2017) were awarded and screened at numerous short film festivals around the world. In 2017, he directed one of the episodes of an omnibus horror film “Noroi Utsuri”. His latest film “One out of the 400,000” will be screened this year, which stars Kazuki Soejima and Haruka Tateishi.
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