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People of Prayer
People of Prayer
Miyuki Matsuda and Taichi Saotome / 29:00 / Japan / Dance Movie / 2021
In ancient Japan, dolls were made as a token for people to bring happiness. The etymology of "inori" comes from “i” for breathing, and "nori" for life. In other words, prayer is about breathing and living. Breath that pumps the heart, to breathe, to struggle with oneself, and to proclaim your conduct to heaven. Beautiful dolls materialize from the repugnant side of human beings. This doll is both a symbol of God and of one's wishes. Dolls dance fervently in the beauty of nature in the four seasons, and through the life of flowers in the breeze, the life in water, the life in fire, and in payer, expresses the ancient Japanese people who dedicate themselves to traditional festivals.
Miyuki Matsuda and Taichi Saotome
Miyuki Matsuda Debuted in 1979 in the film "The Adventures of Kōsuke Kindaichi " directed by Nobuhiko Ōbayashi. She has appeared in TV drama "The Detective Story" (NTV - 1979), & "From the Northern Countr" (cx - 1981) among her work in film & TV. Her performance was highly praised in director Naomi kawase's "Still the Water," an official competitono selection at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. After working 4 years as art director, she published a book on the lifework of her actor husband, "The Complete Works of Yusaku Matsuda." She served as eidtor for the free paper "R" for 5 years. As photographer, she published a photo book titled "My Favorite Solitude Travels" & was the director of the gravure page for the magazine "GENROQ" for seven years. Recently as director, she filmed "Inorijin" (2021/ worldwide Vimeo release) starring Taichi Saotome. She has also recently started performing as a singer & live readings. Taichi Saotome Born on September 24, 1991, Fukuoka Prefecture. Taichi has performed throughout Japan since he was 4-yrs-old as the second generation of the popular “light theater” troupe Gekidan Suzaku. In 2003, he appeared in Takeshi Kitano's film Zatoichi and became known as a “1 in a 100 years" genius “onnagata” actor playing roles of women. In 2019, as the 2nd head of the Gekidan Suzaku Troupe, held a revival performance. He produces, writes, choreographs, and directs for the stage. He remains busy producing and in December last year, he performed a “buyō geki” (traditional Japanese dance) at Nijō Castle, a World Heritage Site, at artKYOTO 2020. He is expanding his work under the banner, “Taichi Saotome Produce” and produced “Inorijin” for the Agency for Cultural Affairs. This year, the movie "The Blood of the Wolves II" will be released on August 20.
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