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Closer Through Our Clothes
Closer Through Our Clothes
9:45 / Japan / Retail / 2020

Shizuku, a girl who lives in Chiba, Japan, is 12 years old. She decided to recycle her favorite clothes that I couldn't wear anymore, and she put an orange dress and a white blouse in a collection box at a UNIQLO store with her mother. The donated clothes were carefully inspected, sorted, and packed in the warehouse, and then left for Japan. The clothes arrived at a refugee camp in Uganda. Eva, an 11-year-old girl, escaped from the conflict in her hometown of South Sudan and now lives there with her sister and relatives. From the clothes brought by the staff, Eva, who likes fashion, chose two clothes that were Shizuku's favorite. From there, a new story of an orange dress and a white blouse that Shizuku put out for recycling begins. What is the power of clothes and what are the feelings of two girls?
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