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BRANDED / National Category
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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri - 6/21 mon
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10:54 / Japan / Corporate / 2020
Client: freee K.K.
Production: KEY pro INC.

"Small Business STORY AWARD 2020" was held in February 2020 by freee Co., Ltd., which supports small businesses with the mission of "making small businesses the leading role in the world." A short film modeled after Kai's Kitchen owner Kai, who was the winner of this award. What does it mean to work? What is a job? A story about a company employee, Nanami (Taro Suruga), who was in agony, encounters "coarse fishing (reading: Zako)" that is about to be abandoned at a fishing port and the fishermen who work there, and reconsiders his way of life and life.
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