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BRANDED / National Category
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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri - 6/21 mon
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7:38 / Japan / Retail / 2020
Client: Japan Tabaco Inc.
Production: Soda! Communications Inc.

"Two people with different personalities collide and recognize each other while struggling" The main character "Yuto Murakami" played by Mr. Kitamura and "Shota Muraishi" played by Mr. Suzuki are co-workers at the major general trading companies. Yuto is a shy person, but he is a type who thinks carefully and works diligently. Such two people will work as a team with the life of their seniors.

The same profession as a beautician, chosen by sisters with different personalities, hobbies, and values. It depicts how they stimulate each other, recognize each other, and grow by being different types of beauticians, even though they sometimes collide and repel each other. In this episode, by drawing a contrasting relationship between two people, we will respect diverse values, recognize differences, and convey the importance of thinking about each other. "
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