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U-25 Project 1
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TORQUE 6/12 sat 17:30-19:40
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TORQUE 6/18 fri 17:30-19:40
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Online Grand Theater 6/8 tue - 6/21 mon
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breath a sigh of relief
breath a sigh of relief
Akari Tada / 0:02:54 / Japan / Animation / 2021
When you're dead tired and walking alone along the street at night. Don't you feel the vending machine on the street emits a warm presence and you feel like getting closer to it? It reveals a moment when humans want to catch a breath and relies on the power of machines.
Akari Tada
"Dreams, Reality, Truth" Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High School of Fine Arts, majoring in film and media. Akari is currently studying animation at Musashino Art University, Faculty of Imaging Arts and Sciences.
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