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Asia International & Japan Program 9
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iTSCOM 6/18 fri 17:50-19:40
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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri- 6/21 mon
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Digital Tattoo
Digital Tattoo
Ik-Tong Ryo / 0:22:00 / Japan / Sci-Fi / 2020
The protagonist receives a job offer from a prestigious company, but is in danger of losing it due to something his father posted on social media years ago. This piece delves into the phenomenon of the ""digital tattoo,"" when past posts come back to haunt us.
Ik-Tong Ryo
A 3rd generation Korean living in Japan, bilingual English-Japanese film and video creator. -From 2011 to 2015, he worked as a filmmaker in Los Angeles - After joining OPT Inc. in 2015, he was involved in the establishment of video media magazine McGuffin - In 2019, he became independent and started working as a freelance video director and resident creative producer at CNN Create
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