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CG Animation Program 1
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Dormo Poco e Sogno Molto
Dormo Poco e Sogno Molto
Music Video
Paolo Santamaria / 0:03:45 / Italia / Music Video, Animation / 2020
A soul journey where the pleasure of discovery and love alternate in a constant creative drive. The video explores the travel theme in all its facets. Important topical issues such as eco-sustainability, social equity and criticism of consumerism find space, which is revealed in oceans populated by plastic fauna and in habitat dotted with waste.
Cortinametraggio 2021 (ITALY) Vibeco Award
Rome Prisma Film Award 2020 (ITALY) Best Music Video
Venezia Shorts Italy 2021 (ITALY) Best Music Video
Eurasia International Film Festival 2020 (RUSSIA) Best Animation Film
Laurus Film Festival 2020 (RUSSIA) Best Music Video
Best Director Award 2020
ICAN/HANNA 2021 (USA) Honorable Mention
Paolo Santamaria
Italian. Passionate. Traveller. Born in 1990, passionate about cinema since childhood. Abruzzese by birth (and by choice) with a pinch of Albanian origins (from father). He graduated in directing and filmmaking at Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia. He realized two feature film, "Siamo come Genova" and "La piazza della mia città".
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