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Asia International & Japan Program 7
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iTSCOM 6/18 fri 13:30-15:20
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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri- 6/21 mon
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Eligible for Save the Earth! Awards
Jayil Pak / 0:25:00 / South Korea / Drama / 2020
When the police refuse to investigate their daughter’s alleged suicide, two computer-illiterate parents decide to design a protest banner. (Based on a true story.)
Busan International Short Film Festival 2021 (South Korea) - Grand Prix for Best Korean Film / NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film
Busan International Film Festival 2020 (South Korea) - Sonje Award for Best Short Film (2020)
Seoul Independent Film Festival 2020 (South Korea)
Blue Dragon Awards 2021 (South Korea) - Best Short Film Nomination (at Korean Oscars)
KYFF Film Festival 2021 (South Korea) - Excellence Award
Flickerfest International Short Film Festival 2021 (Australia)
Atlanta Film Festival 2021 (USA) - Honorable Mention
Jayil Pak
After graduating NYU with a degree in film production, Jayil has worked as a director and editor of commercials, music videos, and short films in both the US and South Korea. His directorial work has screened and garnered awards in many prominent film festivals including Busan, Seattle, and Montreal.
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