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Vertical Theater Competition supported by smash.
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Living on an Island
Living on an Island
Kuesti Fraun / 0:03:00 / Germany / Fantasy / 2016
Live everyday as if it were your last because someday you're going to be right.' (Muhammad Ali) a short film about the beauty and uniqueness of our planet and the will, fate and desire of the individual man to explore this world
Finalist of Cinespace Filmcompetition by NASA & Houston Cinema Arts Society USA 2016
People´s Coice Winner of Silent Film Night of Inner Sound New Arts Festival Bukarest Romania 2016
Kuesti Fraun
Kuesti Fraun is an independent author and filmmaker from Germany, producing projects from media art to more classical fictional stories in text, motion pictures and sound, with worldwide presence at festivals, cinema, artgalleries, museums as well as on radio since 1999
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