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Mademoiselle Pigeon
Mademoiselle Pigeon
Alexandra Myotte / 0:14:00 / Canada / Animation / 2020
1917. Private Pepin vowed to write the beautiful Mademoiselle Pigeon a letter daily. He will soon have to use his imagination to keep his promise. “Mademoiselle Pigeon” is a tragicomic animated short film reminding us that what the heart wants is not always what it needs.
Alexandra Myotte
Screenwriter, director and animator, Alexandra Myotte works near Montreal, Quebec.Winner of several awards for her productions, she co-founded Semaphore Films with her long-time accomplice Jean-Sebastien Hamel. Faithful to the traditional animation medium, she explores through her work socio-cultural issues in a mythological, fantastic or poetic context.
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