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Mission: Hebron
Mission: Hebron
Rona Segal / 0:23:20 / Israel / Non-Fiction / 2020
In Israel, Soldiers are recruited at the age of 18. A couple of months later, they are already in charge of Palestinian civil life, in almost every aspect. Six Ex-soldiers face the camera and give us a soldier's guide to Hebron, the most troubled city in the occupied west bank.
Jerusalem Film Festival 2020 (Israel) Best Short Documentary
Tampere Film Festival 2021 (Finland) Short film Candidate for EFA
IDFA 2020 (Netherlands)
Rona Segal
Rona Segal is an Israeli director and screenwriter. Rona wrote Six Acts, winner of Another Look award at San Sebastian FF (2012). Rona directed Caught in the web, a web series to be premiering at Fipadoc (2021), and Mission: Hebron, Winner of Best short documentary at Jerusalem FF and Tampere's candidate for European Film Academy.
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