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CG Animation Program 3
Venues Schedule
iTSCOM 6/19 sat 17:50-19:40
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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri- 6/21 mon
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Eligible for Save the Earth! Awards
Jyotsna Puthran / 0:06:21 / India / Animation / 2020
Film which is entirely made using real SEEDS shows the “DARK GRINDING REALITY” behind your favourite DISH i.e-’FORCED CHILD LABOUR’! (Human Trafficking).While you enjoy delicacies, reality is grindingly far different for some.What all it takes for the poor child to get that fancy dish served to you.TurningPoint is how child flees the 'GRIND' one night.
GOLDEN CONCH AWARD (ANIMATION)-MIFF 16th Mumbai International Film Festival.

NATIONAL AWARD (ANIMATION)- KMIFF Kolkata Micro International Film Festival 2021.

BEST DIRECTOR AWARD (ANIMATION)- GMIFF Great Message International Film Festival 2021.
Jyotsna Puthran
Jyotsna is torch bearer to guerilla underground films,arts,music,culture&,spirituality.From being a 5times young-scientist govt awardee to merit-graduate in applied-arts.&With extensive contribution in the field of film,arts & advertising for more than 25yrs.She has a worldwide award-winning reputation as artistic-filmmaker,inventor,ad-person,communication-artist,Graphic-Novelist,rapper,underground-artist,musician-lyricist,sprint-athlete,art-performer,poet-writer,dancer,vfx-CGI,fashion-designer,choreographer,activist etc.&Won 150Prestigious honours from govt &Art-guilds like national film-awards by ministry of I&B,DFF-DirectorateFilmFestival,MIFF,ICFFI,UNFPA,ABBYS,CAG,IAA,UNICEF,ADOBE,CANNES.&has Screened her Art-Films worldwide.
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