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Shibuya Diversity Program
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TORQUE 6/13 sun 17:30-19:40
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Shut Up
Shut Up
Noa Aharoni Maor / 0:16:17 / Israel / Drama / 2020
Roni (12) is ashamed of her Tourette Syndrome. After acting violently towards a classmate who picks on her, she's suspended from school. She stays home alone and her suffering from the tics, leads her to take an extreme and dangerous act.
Festival du cinéma israélien de Paris2021
Noa Aharoni Maor
Noa graduated her studies in TV and Cinema from Sapir College in 1994. She is the recipient of the prestigious "Aliza Shagrir Prize" for her student film "Seret Bruto". In the first stages of her career Noa worked as first director's assistant in feature films and TV drama series. In 2000 Noa began her journey as a director on TV productions. Since 2000 she has directed many documentary's journal articles, films and series. On 2011 she directed her first feature film "By Summer's End". Won the "Distribution Award)" Haifa International Film Festival, 2011. Awarded "Honorable mention" Rehovot Women Film Festival, 2011. "By Summer's End" has been selected for many festivals around the world. In 2017 her documentary movie "Shadow" about the abuse second generation of the Holocaust by their survivor parents, was selected for the prestigious "Doc aviv" and "Idfa" most important documentary film festival and wan the best movie award of the Israeli documentary guild .
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