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The Caretaker
The Caretaker
Roland Puknat / 0:17:42 / Germany / Drama / 2020
Hamburg, the 1930s: Wilhelm Werner, the inconspicuous caretaker of the city’s largest museum, risks his safety and life to save some „degenerate“ paintings by avant-garde artist Anita Rée from being confiscated by the Nazis. Based on a true story.
Bamberger Kurzfilmtage 2021 (Germany)
Human Rights Festival San Sebastian 2021 (Spain)
Roland Puknat
With Roland Puknat's father being an artist and his mother a violinist he was fascinated by art, photography, and visual storytelling from an early age. After graduating from high school he worked at an advertising film production, where he was able to gain experience during various projects. “The Caretaker” is his first narrative short film.
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