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CG Animation Program 2
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iTSCOM 6/17 thu 15:40-17:30
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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri- 6/21 mon
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The Passenger
The Passenger
Aquila Veloria / 0:03:17 / New Zealand / Animation / 2020
Set in 1970s America, Elliot, an uptight businessman, was acquitted from a series of murders. Jake, a local taxi driver, will stop at nothing to seek justice for his daughter’s death. Unbeknownst to Jake’s vengeful intention, Elliot takes a ride with him into the night along a path of violence, death and destruction.
New York Cinematography AWARDS 2020 (United States) November Award: BEST ANIMATION CINEMATOGRAPHY

New York Cinematography AWARDS 2020 (United States) November Award: BEST ANIMATION FILM

FLICKFAIR (United States) January 2021: BEST ANIMATION: Jury Award

Rome Independent Prisma Awards (Italy) November 2020: Monthly Finalist BEST ANIMATION SHORT
Aquila Veloria
Aquila Veloria is an animator and filmmaker based in New Zealand. Aquila has found a passion for filmmaking and he aims to tell a story that allows him to express himself and his ideas. Aquila has spent three years learning 3D animation and visual effects at Media Design School and directed several student films.
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