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The reel 11004
The reel 11004
Mirabell Fréville / 0:19:00 / France / Non-Fiction / 2020
In 1946, eight months after the atomic bombings, an American army film team made a feature documentary in Japan. Several reels are shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki including the “11004”. “The reel 11004” explores the 19 minutes of a reel of these rushes and reveals, frame by frame, the first censorship of nuclear history.
Tous Courts 2020 (France) 3 Award -Libre Court-
Curta Cinéma 2020 (Brazil)
Pravo Ljudvski 2020 (Bosnia)
Arica Doc 2020 (Chile)
Zinebi 2020 (Spain)
Imagine Science 2020 (USA)
Visions du Réel 2020 (Switzerland)
Douarnenez Grand Cru 2020
Traces de Vies 2020
Athens Avant-Garde 2020
Vila do Conde 2020
Mirabell Fréville
Born in 1962 Mirabelle Fréville began to work on the TV channel arte to buy short movies. Then she was artistic director on some film festivals and photographic exhibitions. Since ten years she become researcher for documentary movies and directed two short movies
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