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CG Animation Program 3
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iTSCOM 6/19 sat 17:50-19:40
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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri- 6/21 mon
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Eligible for Save the Earth! Awards
Visual ASMR
Visual ASMR
Nahuel Salcedo & Damian Sendin / 0:01:08 / Japan / Experimental / 2020
Natural sculpture formations set in seemingly impossible earth-like landscapes covered by living elements of surreal colors, each film travels through each almost at a micro level, witnessing its evolution. All takes place in four otherworldly landscapes we set up to examine up close the interaction, movements and evolution of the elements with their surroundings.
ACM Siggraph Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater 2020 (USA) Official Selection
Vimeo Staff Pick
Nahuel Salcedo & Damian Sendin
Nahuel Salcedo and Damian Sendin are directors known for their vibrant creations that absorb whether they're animating the every-day or the abstract. Together at Onesal Studio, a boutique art direction and design studio that specializes in animation and motion graphics, they craft beautiful pieces around the world.
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