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International Program 7
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iTSCOM 6/19 sat 15:40 - 17:30
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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri- 6/21 mon
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Sergine Dumais / 0:05:35 / USA / Comedy / 2020
Sara is in bed with her lover when her husband calls. When he asks for something in his sock drawer, she runs home, stalling for time, asking endless questions about Wichita, Kansas.
Best Short Film: Procida International, Seattle Film Festival, Global Shorts
Honorable Mention: Prague Independent, L.A. Femme
Best Director, Seattle Film Festival.
Best Female Director, Procida International.
Best Actress: Procida International, Global Shorts, Top Shorts (Honorable Mention)
Best Actor: Procida International
Best Acting Duo: Seattle Film Festival
Aspen Film Festival
Austin Film Festival
L.A. Shorts
USA Film Festival
Florida Film Festival
Toronto Shorts
Procida International Film Festival
Global Shorts
Canada Shorts
Los Angeles Women In Film
Festival De Cinema International
L.A. Femme International
Manchester Film Festival
Madrid Indie
Prague Independent
ECU -- The European Independent
Julien Dubuque International
Female Voices Rock
Sergine Dumais
Sergine Dumais has been in the industry for over 25 years. She began as an actress before transitioning to directing, first in musical theater, and later in the world of voiceover. “Wichita” is her first film.  Born and raised in French Canada, Sergine recently became an American citizen.
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