Non-Fiction Program 2

In 2018, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of SSFF & ASIA, we established the brand new "Non-fiction Competition."Being an Academy Awards® accredited short film festival has allowed us to present this competition, which will let the audience experience the power of visual images.

6/19 sat 13:30 – 15:20
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6/11 fri – 6/21 mon
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90 Days To Leave
90 Days To Leave
Tanmay Srivastava / 0:15:50 /India/Non-Fiction / 2020
This short documentary is about the expulsion of the Asian community from the East African nation of Uganda in 1972. This documentary tells about the history of the Asian community in Uganda and their struggles after the expulsion.
Raising Ava Rose
Raising Ava Rose
Jordan Macken / 0:23:51 /Canada/Non-Fiction / 2020
Raising a child with Down Syndrome presents unique uncertainty for the Plourde family, but with Ava’s endearing spirit and increasing independence, they look hopefully toward the future. Raising Ava Rose touches on the honest fears and doubts that parents overcome thanks to the love and joy that their children bring them.
Goudichaud Julien / 0:24:05 /France/Non-Fiction / 2020
March 2020, a global pandemic hits humanity. In an empty and silent Paris, there remain "urban ghosts", Sarah, Nelson and Katia, who have no other choice but to be locked out. These people forgotten by the health crisis ask us: how to continue to survive in a world at a standstill?
The Game
The Game
Roman Hodel / 0:17:09 /Switzerland/Non-Fiction / 2020
A whistle. The stands of the stadium get loud. The players protest angrily. The presenters follow the action on the field. In the middle of it, the referee. The whole stadium watches him. Now he has to decide and direct the energy of an entire stadium.
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