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TYO Student Movie Awards
We will be screening the award-winning shorts from the 1st & 2nd TYO Student Movie Awards, organized by TYO Inc.
We will be screening the award-winning shorts from the 1st & 2nd TYO Student Movie Awards, which was established to discover and nurture the next generation of filmmakers.
The TYO Student Movie Award is held by TYO Inc., which has a proven track record and expertise in the production of a wide variety of video contents, such as TV commercials and online videos, and has produced many commercial and film directors.
Festival President Tetsuya Bessho served as special juror to select the best 60-second short film created by the students. ( https://tyo-gama.jp/ )
The 1st TYO Student Movie Award / Gold Winner
The Ant and the Antlion Pit
Japan/ 1:00/2019
An elite businessman is obsessed with a child’s playground equipment called the “Antlion Pit”.He enjoys comparing his life with the Antlion Pit as he tries not to fall down when running around it. However, the equipment turns out to be a trap created by aliens to enslave the humans.
Ryotaro Nishi
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. After entering university, he started his career in producing videos, cinematography, editing, & directing.As a student, he became proficient in VFX work & making films, promotional videos, and documentaries.Currently, he is working at xpd Inc., the communication design factory, as a planner & director.

“The Pancakes”
・The 2nd Fellows Film Festival for Students / Grand Prix(2019)

“Christmas Greeting”
・The 16th JCF Student Film Festival / Student Movie Category Grand Prix(2020)
・BonDance International Film Festival / Best Mid-Short Live Action Award(2020)
The 2nd TYO Student Movie Award / Gold Winner
Bear's eyes
Japan / 1:00 / 2019
When we lose something important, our daily routines are all upset, and we lose ourselves.
We can't even judge matters in front of us by our memories. The struggles of people depicted with a unique world view accelerate anxiety, and later comes fear.
Shiori Fujisaki
Produced “Bear's eyes” while she is in Kyoto Institute of Technology Graduate School.
An architecture major in undergraduate school and started film-making since graduate school.
Into dancing.
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