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A musical short film pitch competition
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and AMUSE INC., a company that produces high quality entertainment not only in Japan but also to the international stage, have joined forces to establish a musical short film pitch competition. In order to discover & support new creative talents, we are calling out to the world for musical themed pitches. Out of the finalists, the winning pitch will be selected & announced at the festival.
Dream Catcher The Musical Crisna Evan, Annisa Adjam, Bela Nabila & Bayu Arief / Indonesia
DIRECTOR:Crisna Evan(Upper left of the photo)
Crisna Evan is an Indonesian emerging film director from Bali. He is known for his desire in exploring mixed genres with contrast narratives. One of his latest short films is "Lovelypop", a satire story that won Best Film of Jakarta Short Film Festival 2019, held by The Ministry of Tourism and Jakarta Art Council and being distributed by Genflix Indonesia. His interest in Musical film began when he regularly performed in a musical play since he was 15 years old which amused him every single time. He is always intended to tell stories from visual to music elements ever since.

PRODUCER & WRITER:Annisa Adjam(Upper right of the photo)
Annisa Adjam is an independent Indonesian film producer. She is an alumna of Kyoto Filmmakers Lab 2019 and IF/Then South East Asia Lab by Tribeca Film Institute 2020. She is also a film & animation lecturer at Multimedia Nusantara University where she formed the team of “Dream Catcher” The Musical which she wrote the story based on her previous documentary film about the Indonesian Largest Juvenile Prison in early 2020. Her previous independent projects were selected for Singapore Film Commission Feature Film Clinic 2020, Objectifs Short Film Incubators 2020, MPA Asia Pacific Pitch Forum 2020, and AKATARA Film Financing Forum 2019.

CO-WRITER & CO-DIRECTOR:Bela Nabila(Bottom left of the photo)
Bela Nabila is an Indonesian writer and director who has written and directed several short films and audio play series. Her recent work entitled "#DramaKosBeni", an audio play series adaptation from her short film called "Double Slice of Red Velvet". She is passionate about digital content and actively joining several shorts, commercial ads, music video production. One of her latest productions as the Assistant Director was "Golden Frame in The Closet" which became the Official Selection for ShortShort Film Festival 2020. Bela is currently working at one of the Indonesian biggest movie streaming platforms that produced original series and IP.

CO-PRODUCER & MUSIC DIRECTOR:Bayu Arief(Bottom right of the photo)
Bayu Arief is an independent film producer and music composer from Jakarta. He is an active digital content creator on YouTube and Instagram of DoaIbu Frameworks where he was also mainly composed the music. Bayu is actively performing in a couple of musical plays where he joined a musician team named Arture. His latest short film where he was involved as the production accountant, "Golden Frame in The Closet" was the Official Selection for ShortShort Film Festival 2020. He was working as a distribution assistant for a feature and IP film company, Visinema Pictures.
Kid at Heart Meg Igarashi/Japan
Meg Igarashi is a filmmaker and video editor. She is self taught and first started making Youtube videos in high school. She also had her short film nominated last year in the 2020 Shorts Shorts Cinematic Tokyo category and has recently won competitions for DJI and Sony. When she was younger, she did a lot of musical theater and now has been recently writing songs. Meg has done jobs editing TV and online commercials, directing music videos, and also directing, filming, and editing her own personal shorts.
Walking Well Miki Akaishi
Miki Akaishi is an active songwriter since September 2018 and works for a music and media production company. Her notable works include the lyrics for stage performances and musicals. She also writes temporary lyrics for corporates’ and musicians’ demo compositions.

Akaishi wrote lyrics for 12 songs for the performance “GIRLS REVUE” and 22 songs for the musical "HARUTO".
Akaishi says, “I came to love the creative process that builds up to a finished work from the ground up through working for the stage and the musical. Experiencing the support of the fans, and witnessing the powerful impact of the entertainment works were phenomenal to me. Now I am happy to present my work to the audience, and determined to affect the world in the same manner.
Amuse Inc.
Established in 1978.
In addition to the management of many major Japanese artists including the Southern All Stars, Masaharu Fukuyama and Yasuko Tomita, Amuse Inc. is a comprehensive entertainment company that produces original stage productions including CHIKYU GORGEOUS, and production of overseas performances.

The business is divided into the following areas: the Event Related Business centered on promotion and production of performances, fan club management and merchandise sales; the Music and Images Business, which plans, produces, and sells visual content; the Appearances and Commercial Business, which is centered on appearances on TV, film and other media.
In recent years, we have expanded the range of businesses to sports and facility management.

By joining forces and creating synergy within the Amuse Group, we are looking to strengthen our corporate basis as a total culture-producing entertainment group, breaking the barrier of being just a talent agency.

Official Website:https://www.amuse.co.jp/en/
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