Award Winning Shorts Program 4

Featuring a collaborative project with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as well as short films from an array of countries, this program celebrates multicultural perspectives.

Andaz / 10/17 tue 18:30-20:00
Ebisu / 10/21 tue 15:00-16:30
Ebisu / 10/22 wed 13:00-14:30
Tokyo × SSFF & ASIA Collaboration Project Tokyo Cine-Magic

Home Away From Home

Yukinori Makabe/12:36/Japan/Drama/2017

A taxi driver, a young girl and a backpacker simultaneously experience a wonderful journey in Tokyo, where they find connections to their own homes in Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. Throughout their journey, they run into the same Japanese woman named Akiko. Meanwhile, a writer in Paris recalls her encounter with Akiko in Tokyo.

Fashion Short of the Year

Falling Up

Niall O'Brian/3:00/UK/Drama/2016

Liv Tyler retraces the footsteps of renowned aviatrix from the 20s Amelia Earhart – one of the first women ever dressed by BELSTAFF.

Ibaraki Short Film Award


Showgo Ookawa/25:00/Japan/Drama/2016

A rumour is spreading around this town and Mito Komon and his Samurai followers set about trying to discover the truth. Meanwhile, Sukesaburo encouters a melancholy girl and falls in love with her. Will they discover the truth? and will Sukesaburo succed in love?

Save the Earth! Competition supported by RINREI

Water, Please

Mlu Godola/12:00/South Africa/Drama/2016

When a small community's only source of water unexpectedly collapses during a severe drought; Zoleka, a mild mannered and well meaning young woman, is forced to go to extreme lengths to ensure that her ailing sister lives another day…

International Competition Best Actress Award


Or Sinai/23:46/Israel/Drama/2015

It's a hot summer's day, and for the first time in years Anna, the sewing workshop worker, unexpectedly finds herself alone, without her son. She sets out for a free night, roaming the streets of her small desert town, looking for a man who can touch her, even just for one brief moment.

Andaz / 10/17 tue 18:30-20:00
Ebisu / 10/21 tue 15:00-16:30
Ebisu / 10/22 wed 13:00-14:30

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