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(REPORT) Tuesday 06/21. Brillia Short Shorts Theater, Yokohama - Rain, wind & shorts films!!


Hey all.

Short Shorts fans are the best. Even in nasty rain & wind conditions, we had very good crowds for today’s screenings.

We started the day with selections from the Asiana International Short Film Festival in Korea. They will hold their 15th editions after this year & we were fortunate to screen the best 5 shorts from last year’s festival including their Grand Prix winner “Fly to the Sky.”

For, AI & J – 3, director Koji Yamamura once again came out to talk about his fanciful & chimerical animated short “Satie’s Parade” celebrates Satie’s ballet, “Parade” which he wrote 100 years ago. Koji will have a showing of his animations in August at Eurospace in Shibuya. Definitely worth checking out.

Director Koji Yamamura of “Satie’s Parade.”

Next up was the director Noboyuki Miyake, producer Tatsuo Ito, & actor Hamid of “Siren.” This short about mis-communication & mis-conceptions has been received very well & it helps that legendary actor Masahiko Tsugawa decided to take part, solely on the strength of the script in which his character has no dialogue!

For “Siren” – Producer Tatsuo Ito, actor Hamid, & director Noboyuki Miyake.

Our last two programs, Save the Earth! & AI & J 2 saw very strong attendance even in the rain.

Thanks all for coming out & now, starting tomorrow, the final 4 days!

DJ John