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【6/17 Thu report】iTSCOM @Futakatamagawa

【6/17 Thu report】iTSCOM @Futakatamagawa

Program screenings at iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL at the Futako Tamagawa Rise shopping complex began today! There were screenings of a total 3 programs from the International, CG Animation competitions.

13:30 International Program 3:『Leylak』,『Green Grass』,『Al-Sit』『Cuckoo』 &『Under the Same Roof』, were screened.


In the CG animation Program2:『the Passenger』,『The Chasing Hole』,『Arka』,『Sunset – HIGURE』,『I, Barnabe』,『Yello』,『Last Shot』,『Sugar – A Bittersweet Journey』『Beyond the Trees』& a Special Screening of『Yes-People were screened。The shorts were full of a humour not seen in live action films & they are all highly recommended but, just in『I, Barnabe』alone, all the techniques that are available & used n animation were there to see & enjoy.

International Program 4, last program of the day:『One 2 One』『Like the Ones I Used to Know』『the Criminals』& the Special Screening of 『Miss Fortunate』!


All of the shorts condensed in a short time, cultural differences and values that one doesn’t normally see in Japan. The special screening of Miss Fortunate from the UK, is a bittersweet comedy that has a terrific cast of “name” stars like Ben Whishaw and Alex Lowther. You can also watch it online. Enjoy!

Screenings at Futako Tamagawa iTSCOM Hall will continue until Sunday, June 20. There will be screenings at Shibuya Torque on the same days as well.

Come see us!

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