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Or, the tiny sound of war
Or, the tiny sound of war
Tomomi Muraguchi / 12:23:00 AM / Japan / Drama / 2018
In a suburb town, people have their regular peaceful days. One day, a disquieting sound comes from the distant sky. What do they feel? What do they not feel? On a summer day, they felt the hint of the war in their ordinary life.
Isama Studio Cinema Festival 2018 (Japan)

Hakodate Harbor Illumination Film Festival 2018 (Japan)

Takasaki Film Festival 2019 (Japan)
Tomomi Muraguchi
Tomomi Muraguchi was born in Shōdo Island, Kagawa. He’s been studying filmmaking while working as a system engineer. In 2017, his first film, “Or, the tiny sound of war” won the Grand Prix at Isama Studio Cinema Festival.
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