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tapioca diary
tapioca diary
Takashi Okado & Jon Cox / 12:19:19 AM / Japan / Drama / 2019
Takashi, who studies abroad in Taiwan, finds every day is full of fun in friendship and love that he can't find in Japan. However, he feels the difficulty of conveying his feelings frankly while the time goes by.
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2020
Hikari TV Award
Takashi Okado & Jon Cox
Takashi was born in 1988. Actor based in Tokyo,Japan. He studied acting at Watanabe Entertainment College He`s also working as a director, and in 2018, his short film "COCKROACH" won the top prize at SSFF & ASIA, an Academy Award-accredited film festival, and was selected and awarded at many film festivals in Japan and abroad. Jon was born in Sout Korea. He has been working with Takashi for his last two titles as a cinematographer and a script writer.
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