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future me
future me
Keisuke Toyoshima / 0:19:45 / Japan / Drama / 2018
Mari is 46 years old. She has a job and a family. One day as she routinely finishes her extremely busy schedule, a strange incident makes her travel 30 years back in time to meet her high school self. That particular day just happened to be the worst day of her life.
Keisuke Toyoshima
Keisuke Toyoshima was born in 1971 in Hamamatsu City. Toyoshima works as a director of films and TV series. Notable works by Toyoshima include “Maniac Hero”(2016), “MORIYAMACHU DRIVING SCHOOL”(2016), “A Courtesan with Flowered Skin”(2014), “Soft boys”(2010), “Your Honor! How About a Little Leniency?” (2010), “WHO KILLED DAIGORO TOKUYAMA?”(2016), and “Kuroi 10-nin no Onna”(2016) and many more.
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