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Sanako Yuwakashi, 29 Years Old
Sanako Yuwakashi, 29 Years Old
Kahori Higashi / 12:24:48 AM / Japan / Drama / 2019
Sanako, who is feeling lost in her life, is working in a public bath which has been decided to close the business for a stupid reason. Three days before it shuts up, Sanaco gets an idea when she interacts with regular customers. Why not stage a comeback on its last day? A shy, clumsy woman, Sanako creates a furor! This is a Techno Pop public bath movie.
Kiryu Film Festival 2019 (Japan) Grand Prix Nasu Short Film Festival 2019 (Japan) Jury Special Mention Sapporo International Short Film Festival 2019 (Japan) Aichi International Women Film Festival (Japan) Forest Movie Festival (Japan)
Kahori Higashi
Born in 1989. She makes films while works as a designer. She made her directorial debut with "Saturday Laundry." She won the Grand Prix at the Tachikawa Meigazadori Cinema Festival. "Sanako Yuwakashi, 29 Years Old" won the Grand Prix at the Kiryu Short Film Festival, and the Jury's Special Award at the Nasu Short Film Festival.
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