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Son of Memory
Son of Memory
Hayato Ando / 12:18:27 AM / Japan / Drama / 2019
A mother who cannot accept her son’s death. One day, she gets to know that there is a service of the undertaker which can recover her deceased son as a humanoid robot for only 49 days. She is in torment whether using the service or not…
Hayato Ando
Born 1980. Ando studied CG and animation at De Anza College's Film Animation Course. In 2005, he joined the firm P.I.C.S.. With focus on motion image direction, he also works in CG animation, live action and editing. Aside from his work in commercials, music videos,and broadcasting, he created the short film Refresh in 2010,which was subsequently screened at the 2011 Slamdance Film Festival.
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