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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri - 6/21 mon
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2:34 / Japan / Cars, Other Vehicles, Accessories & Auto Services / 2020
Agency: TOYOTA CONIQ Pro, Inc.
Production: C3 FILM

A love wagon that became famous on Fuji TV's popular program "Ainori". It has become a social boom, and it is also a "car" filled with memories of many Japanese youth. The first Love Wagon, which has been running through the land of Asia with many young people since 1999, has finished its role and has been asleep for a long time. In the video, the love wagon was anthropomorphized and the story was put in a monologue. Beginning with a shape that looks back on his half-life, the old love wagon ends his life. The love wagon, which has become unable to run on its own, is towed and transported to a dismantling factory. There, I was greeted by the love of recycling. The love wagon, which was dismantled with 99% recycling technology that Toyota Motor is proud of, was about to be revived as a new life again.
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