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Nadya Sugiarto, Stacy Moon & Susan Huang / 0:03:34 / USA / Animation / 2020
Sho, a young Shiba Inu, learns about the tradition of sacrifice from his Sensei. According to legend, their kind must send away one of their own to appease the Gods outside their walls. As Sho reaches the temple to be the next sacrifice, he begins to have second thoughts and makes a run for it.
Semi-Finalist Student Academy Award 2020
Nadya Sugiarto, Stacy Moon & Susan Huang
Graduated in Film and TV Direction, Toni has been in the world of short film for ten years. His short films have received over 70 awards at national and international festival. He is currently preparing his first feature-length film, as well as making advertising spots and teaching Audiovisual Direction and Production in Mallorca. 53 Words
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