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Girl With a Thermal Gun
Girl With a Thermal Gun
Rongfei Guo / 0:11:44 / China / Musical / 2020
During the pandemic, a grocery delivery man is busier than ever. He receives orders, fills shopping carts, and delivers packages. Receive, fill, deliver; from dawn to dusk, day in and day out. He navigates strange streets and knocks on unfamiliar doors. As he grows tired, a feeling of loneliness washes over him and he begins to feel defeated—until he suddenly finds a thermal gun pressed to his forehead.
Rongfei Guo
Born in 1991, Rongfei Guo graduated from New York University where she majored in Documentary. She was awarded the Student Academy Award in 2016. She finished a short musical drama, Girl With a Thermal Gun during Covid-19. Her first short film, Fairy Tales, won Best Student Film at DOC NYC and Best Short Documentary at Melbourne International Film Festival and was presented in more than 40 international film festivals. She also participated in North America’s most privileged documentary festival, HotDocs in the short film unit.
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