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GOING DEEPER . Love letter to Nazare
GOING DEEPER . Love letter to Nazare
Luke Huxham / 0:15:37 / Japan / Documentary / 2020
This isn't an action sports film, it's not even a surf film; it's a human story set amongst the most powerful waves known to man. And a tribute to Praia do Norte. One of the most beautiful and dangerous beaches in the world, where feats once thought impossible, have been achieved by the brave.
Venice Film Awards - Best Picture
London International Web and Short film festival - Best documentary
LA Indie short fest - Best documentary short
Andromeda film festival - Best director
LA Independent short awards - Best documentary short
LA Global film festival wards - Best documentary
Luke Huxham
New Zealand film director based in Tokyo for 11 years, directing documentary, short films and TV commercial projects inside Japan and all over the world.
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