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Hajime Izuki / 12:13:30 AM / Japan / Thriller / 2019
In Hindu Mythology, “Mara” is “the god of death," sometimes seen as a hidden aspect of “erotic desire.” This modern fable vividly depicts the love and madness of a lonely man and woman. In a dark corner of the city, the vagueness of love flickers.
Screened as a part of a omnibus film "Life Works" in Yokohama, Japan
Hajime Izuki
Graduated from the Visual Concept Planning Department of Osaka University of Arts. As a student, he took part in a film directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita. After working in a production company, he participated in films by Shinya Tsukamoto and Masashi Yamamoto. His first feature film Minus by Minus was screened at various film festivals such as the Rome Film Fest, and was followed by theater release in Japan. He has directed short films since, and received recognition through his screenings in film festivals, domestic and abroad. He is also credited for the behind-the-scene footage of My Man by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri and Hanalei Bay by Daishi Matsunaga.
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