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Ladies for Cinema Project
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TORQUE 6/18 fri 17:30-19:40
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Online Grand Theater 5/11 tue - 6/21 mon
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Melody's Melody
Melody's Melody
Chih-Yin Chen / 0:20:18 / Taiwan / Drama / 2020
A Middle-aged woman Melody is in love. Though Charlie is 5878km away, and they don’t speak same language. This Charlie from the screen writes songs, cares her so much. The relationship is amazing, except for that it’s very likely Charlie is a scammer. If you don't try, how would you know this is true love?
Chih-Yin Chen
Chih Yin CHEN is a Taiwanese filmmaker. Her interest in filmmaking is exclusively for narrative storytelling with fantastic elements– creating a world for our characters to live in, and through these fictional elements.Gender and family have always been the subject of her concern.
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